Choice Privilege Rewards: Whats your opinion?

In the realm of travel, the right loyalty program can make all the difference. Choice Hotels, a prominent player in the hospitality industry, offers the Choice Privilege Rewards program to its guests. This system aims to enhance the overall travel experience by providing a range of benefits. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the pros and cons, price points, and mechanics of the Choice Privilege Rewards points system.


  1. Diverse Hotel Portfolio:
    Choice Hotels boasts an extensive global network, offering travelers a diverse range of options. From budget-friendly to upscale accommodations, the program covers various brands such as Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, and Clarion.
  2. Generous Points System:
    Members can accumulate points through hotel stays, making it easy to earn and redeem rewards. The more you stay, the more you earn – a simple and enticing proposition for frequent travelers.
  3. Flexible Redemption Options:
    Choice Privilege Rewards provides flexibility in redeeming points. Members can use their points for free nights, gift cards, or even transfer them to airline partners, offering a versatile set of choices.
  4. Elite Status Tiers:
    The program has elite status tiers – Gold, Platinum, and Diamond – each offering additional perks such as room upgrades, late check-outs, and exclusive customer service lines for a more personalized experience.


  1. Limited Luxury Options:
    While Choice Hotels covers a broad spectrum, it may not cater to those seeking high-end luxury experiences. The portfolio is more focused on mid-range and budget accommodations.
  2. Varied Quality Across Brands:
    With a diverse range of brands under the Choice umbrella, the quality of accommodations can vary. It’s essential to research and choose a brand that aligns with your expectations.

Price Points:

The cost of booking a hotel through Choice Privilege Rewards depends on factors such as location, brand, and room type. The program often runs promotions, allowing members to earn bonus points or receive discounts on bookings. Additionally, members can purchase points directly, providing a flexible option for topping up their accounts.

How it Works:

  1. Membership Sign-Up:
    Joining Choice Privilege Rewards is free and straightforward. Guests can sign up online or at any Choice Hotels property to start earning points immediately.
  2. Earning Points:
    Members earn points by booking qualifying stays at any of the affiliated hotels. Points can also be earned through partner programs and promotions, enhancing the potential for accumulation.
  3. Redemption:
    Redeeming points is equally straightforward. Members can log in to their accounts, choose their desired reward, and proceed with the booking. The system allows for a hassle-free experience when it comes to utilizing earned points.

Number of Hotels Worldwide:

As of the latest available data, Choice Hotels has a global presence with over 7,100 hotels spanning more than 40 countries. This extensive network ensures that Choice Privilege Rewards members have a plethora of options to choose from, making it a compelling loyalty program for avid travelers.


The Choice Privilege Rewards points system offers a compelling proposition for travelers looking to make the most of their hotel stays. With a vast hotel network, flexible redemption options, and a straightforward earning process, it caters to a wide range of preferences. As with any loyalty program, understanding the pros and cons is crucial, helping you maximize the benefits and enjoy a seamless travel experience.

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